Nights Away Assessment and Advice

Contact to discuss Nights Away advice and Assessment.

Nights Away Notification forms must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to an ANY overnight event, preferably 6 weeks in advance and sent to the DC at, who will authorise the event.

ALL Nights Away requires a permit holder to be present with the correct level of permit. Permits are authorised by the DC under guidance of a Nights Away Assessor and an Assessment. Contact your DC or post a message if you need a permit holder.

Nights Away Assessment

Levels of Assessment:-

Indoor – This permit covers overnight Activities inside a building with plumbed in toilets facilities.

Campsite – This permit covers any camping activities where there are plumbed in toilet facilities available locally, typically a Campsite or outside a Hut. This level of assessment can cover indoor activities as well.

Greenfield – This permit covers any camping where facilities for toilets are brought on-site or created. This permit can cover Campsite and Indoor Activities.

Lightweight – This special permit covers expeditions where there may or may not be Toilet facilities and group numbers under supervision on any one site are small. This Permit does NOT cover any other event.

Assessments are carried out using facilities local to an Assessor, (Campsite permits contact DDC South), or via a visit by an assessor to the facility/area being used. The assessor will use a common check sheet to assess the individual under assessment.

Permits are reviewed regularly and can be revoked. Permit holders must request an extension to a permit before it expires. Prior use of the permit and experience will be used to assess an extension. Any permit not actively used may not be renewed.

Items Required from an Applicant for a Permit (May be added to depending upon activity):-

Program including Adverse Weather Alternatives
Camp Kit List
Personal Kit List
Food List
Example Parental Permission Form
Safety Assessments

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